Dr. Santosh Suman
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Dr. Santosh Suman
Cornea and Anterior Segment Surgeon

Dr. Santosh Suman is available for Consultation at :
1. CORNEA Eye Hospital, Gotri-Sevasi Road, Vadodara
2. Aditi Eye Hospital, Station Road, Dahod

1. What is Cornea?
Cornea is the transparent part of the eye that fits like watch glass over the coloured part of the eye called iris. Light passes through the clear transparent cornea to finally fall over retina.

Structure of Eye

2. How many layers are there in cornea?
There are six layers in cornea.
1. Epithelium: It is the outermost layer of about 6blayers of cells. It has strong regenerative capacity, if limbal stem cells are intact.
2. Bowman’s Membrane: It is a tough acellular layer, mainly composed of collagen.
3. Stroma: about 90% of thickness of cornea is comprised of stroma. Stroma consists of regularly arranged collagen fibers intermixed with keratocytes.
4. Dua’s layer: This layer has been recently discovered by Dr Dua. It is very thin (5 to 20 micron thick) layer
5. Descemet’s membrane: It is the thin acellular layer made of Type-IV collagen mainly. Descemets layer serves as the purpose of ... More...

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